• Hello!

    From Aurelius to All on Thu Jan 13 00:22:06 2022
    Hey fellow BBS users,

    Awesome to see a Toronto-based BBS! Would be great if we could get a decent number of local users. I've been a part of a few different BBSes, but I've never been part of one that has a local community. Would be really need to see a Toronto BBS get popular!

    Anyway, I uploaded a file here to get the ball rolling there. It's just a Python script I wrote that converts ancient Microsoft Paint files (from MS Paint versions 1 and 2, for Windows 1 and 2 respectively) into XBM or X BitMap files. From here, modern image editing programs like GIMP can import and edit these files, then export them as PNG or whatever. I actually wrote a small article about this utility and submitted it to 2600 -- it's in the most recent issue.

    Hope to see folks on here!