• src/sbbs3/js_bbs.cpp js_system.c

    From Rob Swindell@VERT to Git commit to main/sbbs/master on Wed Jan 19 19:21:21 2022
    Modified Files:
    src/sbbs3/js_bbs.cpp js_system.c
    Log Message:
    Add JS methods for vetting filenames (e.g. for upload by users)

    system.illegal_filename() - check if contains illegal chars/sequences system.safest_filename() - check if contains only safest chars system.allowed_filename() - check if meets criteria from SCFG->File Options system.check_filename() - check if legal and meets configured criteria and is not in file.can
    bbs.check_filename() - ditto, except will display badfile.msg as appropriate

    Now scripts can utilize the sysop-controlled filename criteria and security of the BBS.

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