• src/sbbs3/dosxtrn/dosxtrn.c src/sbbs3/sbbsdefs.h sbbsexec.c src/sbbs3/

    From Rob Swindell@VERT to Git commit to main/sbbs/master on Tue Nov 30 22:52:15 2021
    Modified Files:
    src/sbbs3/dosxtrn/dosxtrn.c src/sbbs3/sbbsdefs.h sbbsexec.c src/sbbs3/scfg/scfgxtrn.c src/sbbs3/vdd_func.h xtrn.cpp xtrn_sec.cpp
    Removed Files:
    src/sbbs3/execvxd.h src/sbbs3/execvxd/c.bat debugout.h makefile sbbsexec.cpp sbbsexec.h sbbsexec.vrc
    Log Message:
    Remove the last remnants of Win9x/Me support

    Allow "FOSSIL Only" as a configuration option for external programs in SCFG. This is a much easier method of disabling the virtual UART support in the Virtual UART/FOSSIL device driver (if/when necessary) than editing the sbbsexec.ini file (which is still supported).

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