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    From Rob Swindell@VERT to Git commit to main/sbbs/master on Tue Nov 23 14:32:10 2021
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    src/sbbs3/execvxd.h sbbsdefs.h src/sbbs3/scfg/scfg.h scfgchat.c scfgxtrn.c src/sbbs3/xtrn.cpp
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    Allow FOSSIL mode of the Win32 virtual UART/FOSSIL driver to be disabled

    When configuring an external program, a Win32 sysop can now choose to *only* enable the virtual UART (and not the FOSSIL driver) feature of the Synchronet virtual UART/FOSSIL driver (dosxtrn.exe/sbbsexec.dll). Some programs (e.g. TradeWars 2) will always use the FOSSIL driver if one is detected and in order to force the use of COM/UART driver for I/O (if that is desired), then one must disable the FOSSIL driver. It's a rare use case, but I can see the potential need.

    Renamed the "Intercept I/O" option in SCFG to "I/O Method" and make it clear that "Socket" (for native programs) and "FOSSIL or UART" (for 16-bit DOS programs) is the default method (what was previously identified as "No" I/O Interception).

    If a sysop want to disable the virtual UART support (on Win32, e.g. so *only* FOSSIL is available to one or all DOS programs), they do that via their sbbsexec.ini file.

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