• 3rdp/build/cl-server-term-support.patch3rdp/build/GNUmakefile src/sbbs

    From Deuc┬┐@VERT to Git commit to main/sbbs/master on Sun Dec 24 05:45:05 2023
    Added Files:
    Modified Files:
    3rdp/build/GNUmakefile src/sbbs3/answer.cpp src/syncterm/ssh.c
    Log Message:
    As I was starting to add support for detecting non-interactive
    SSH channels, I noticed that I hand't ever finished the terminal
    type/size "stuff", and while fixing that, I noticed that the hack
    for SyncTERM was done wrong.

    Fix the whole thing, and now Synchronet and SyncTERM both properly
    support terminal type and size over SSH. It also looks trivial to
    support the SSH window size change message, but I'm not doing that

    Unfortunately, this is a patch on a patch, so is a bit fragile.
    It should really have the patches merged at some point.

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