• src/sbbs3/file.cpp filedat.c filedat.h ftpsrvr.c

    From Rob Swindell@VERT to Git commit to main/sbbs/master on Sat Jun 5 20:04:44 2021
    Modified Files:
    src/sbbs3/file.cpp filedat.c filedat.h ftpsrvr.c
    Log Message:
    More uniform safe/illegal/allowed filename (for upload) determination

    sbbs_t::checkfname() now checks the file.can too.
    new filedat.c functions:
    - safest_filename() - not currently used
    - illegal_filename() - returns true for a highly-suspicious (e.g. hack attempt) filename
    - allowed_filename() - returns true if the filename is good for upload (assumed to be already checked to be legal as well).

    Importantly, filenames beginning or ending in a '.' are now unallowed:
    - 'dot files' are hidden (by default) on *nix
    - files ending in a '.' are problematic on Windows

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