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    From Rob Swindell (on Windows 11)@VERT to Git commit to main/sbbs/master on Mon Nov 6 17:59:58 2023
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    src/sbbs3/js_archive.c js_bbs.cpp js_com.c js_conio.c js_console.cpp js_cryptcon.c js_cryptkeyset.c js_file.c js_file_area.c js_filebase.c js_global.c js_internal.c js_mqtt.c js_msg_area.c js_msgbase.c js_queue.c js_socket.c js_system.c js_uifc.c js_user.c js_xtrn_area.c main.cpp sbbs.h
    Log Message:
    JSDOC build cleanup (used to generate jsobjs.html)

    Replaced _property_ver_list (array of numbers) with _property_ver_list (array of objects) with a "ver" and (optional) "desc" property. This solves the enumeration order problem with objects that have both manual and table-based properties. Object's property tables (arrays of jsSyncPropertySpec) can now (optionally) contain the property descriptions. For properties defined in this manner, there will never be another mismatch between ther name/type and description/version in the jsobjs.html (a problem has re-occurred several
    times through the years with nebulous work-arounds).

    We still use _property_desc_list arrays for additional (e.g. manually defined) properties in such objects or just objects that only use one method of
    property definition and are not subject to the enumeration order problem.

    Fixed numerous typos.

    Using more consistent terminology and HTML mark-up.

    Some beautification and enhancement of readability, but nothing too major.

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