• src/sbbs3/js_global.c nopen.c src/xpdev/semfile.c

    From Rob Swindell (on Windows)@VERT to Git commit to main/sbbs/master on Wed May 24 13:14:35 2023
    Modified Files:
    src/sbbs3/js_global.c nopen.c src/xpdev/semfile.c
    Log Message:
    Resolve failure to touch files when non-owner on *nix

    ftouch(), semfile_signal(), and JS file_utime() would fail to update a file's access/mod times with errno=EPERM if not run as the file's owner. From "man utime":

    EPERM times is not NULL, the caller's effective UID does not match the owner of the file, and the caller is not privileged (Linux: does not have the CAP_FOWNER capability).

    So use a NULL times parameter value when updating to a file's time stamp(s) to the current time.

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