• exec/default.js exec/load/shell_lib.js

    From Rob Swindell (on Debian Linux)@VERT to Git commit to main/sbbs/master on Mon Mar 13 21:36:01 2023
    Added Files:
    exec/default.js exec/load/shell_lib.js
    Log Message:
    Synchronet classic shell ported to JS with helper library: shell_lib.js

    This mimics default.src very closely, even the curious clear-screens before
    the menu displays only when in non-expert mode (?).

    I'll likely be using this to recreate some other command shells.

    There's a couple of RIP-specific calls to getlines in default.src that I did not port over (yet).

    This commit fixes issue #526 for Nelgin (and any other JavaScript devs).

    Note: this file supercedes default.bin, so beware if you have customized default.src (and built your own custom default.bin), you'll want to move
    those to your mods directory to continue to use them.

    Another nail in Baja's coffin.

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