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    From Rob Swindell (on ChromeOS)@VERT to Git commit to main/sbbs/master on Fri Feb 24 17:16:19 2023
    Modified Files:
    src/sbbs3/listfile.cpp sbbs.h scandirs.cpp src/sbbs3/scfg/scfgsys.c src/sbbs3/scfgdefs.h scfglib1.c scfgsave.c
    Log Message:
    Add support for 3 new loadable modules for file scanning/listing/viewing

    Configured in SCFG->System->Loadable Modules:
    Scan Dirs: User scans one or more directories for (e.g. new) files
    List Files: User lists files within a file directory
    View File Info: User views detailed information on files in a directory

    This addresses/fixes feature request #521 for Nightfox

    Will need to document the mode argument bit values on the wiki, but
    it's the usual suspects: FL_* for scandirs and listfiles and FI_* for
    fileinfo. The scandirs_mod will be passed an extra bool (0/1) arg that indicates whether or not the user is scanning *all* directories.

    Test results would be welcome

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