• src/sbbs3/server.hsrc/sbbs3/ctrl/MainFormUnit.cpp src/sbbs3/ftpsrvr.c

    From Rob Swindell@VERT to Git commit to main/sbbs/master on Sun Jan 1 20:25:40 2023
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    src/sbbs3/ctrl/MainFormUnit.cpp src/sbbs3/ftpsrvr.c ftpsrvr.h logfile.cpp mailsrvr.c mailsrvr.h main.cpp mqtt.c mqtt.h sbbscon.c services.c services.h startup.h websrvr.c websrvr.h
    Log Message:
    MQTT support overhaul, mainly for SBBSCTRL compatibility

    The only difference in the data/scheme is that the "error" topic (error log) is now under each server rather than each host. I don't *think* there are any other changes from the MQTT consumer side.

    Still not done: subscribing (e.g. support for recycle or node-spy-input via MQTT) and NT services support.

    This change also includes a cool feature that will prompt the sysop if there's a timeout (30 seconds) while waiting for servers to shutdown gracefully and giving the sysop the option to abort (Cancel) the wait (and shutdown ungracefully) or continue the wait (OK).

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