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    From Rob Swindell@VERT to Git commit to main/sbbs/master on Sat Aug 13 00:39:06 2022
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    src/sbbs3/ctrl/MainFormUnit.cpp MainFormUnit.dfm MainFormUnit.h TelnetCfgDlgUnit.cpp TelnetCfgDlgUnit.dfm TelnetCfgDlgUnit.h sbbsctrl.bpr
    Log Message:
    Add "Log Events to Disk" option/checkbox for terminal server "Events"

    The "Events" log messages will now be logged to a disk file in
    data/events*.log by default (unless this option is disabled).

    If the "First node" is > 1, then the base filename will be "events<first-node>", otherwise, it's just "events". This is because you
    would not want multiple instances of sbbs writing to the same events.log
    file - that would be chaos. These log files are subject the log rotation/retention policy defined in SCFG.

    This should resolve the FAQ for Windows sysops about what log file to
    which their event log messages are being written.

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