• What's New?

    From Android8675@VERT/SHODAN to All on Tue Dec 6 11:23:57 2022
    Hey all, what's new?

    Any new .js doors? I was thinking about Guru and all these new "AI" apps. Anyone got any thoughts on wiring up a .js door to one of those new fangled AI chat bots? I'd love to be able to define a bot with a few statements and let them just interrupt users with questions while they are messing around.

    Any new games?

    That's all, thanks again eChicken for helping me get the board running properly.

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  • From Nightfox@VERT/DIGDIST to Android8675 on Tue Dec 6 15:01:16 2022
    Re: What's New?
    By: Android8675 to All on Tue Dec 06 2022 11:23 am

    Any new games?

    I recently made a simple trivia game in .js for Synchronet, in xtrn/gttrivia: https://gitlab.synchro.net/main/sbbs/-/tree/master/xtrn/gttrivia

    It can also post user scores to my BBS (via JSON) so that players can see scores from other players on other BBSes.
    I'm currently working on adding a feature to also have it post user scores in a message sub-board (such as Dove-Net Synchronet Data) as a backup in case my BBS happens to be down and can't be reached when it tries to post scores from another BBS.


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