• Re: Event Won't Run

    From Digital Man@VERT to Daryl Stout on Thu Jan 27 18:48:07 2022
    Re: Re: Event Won't Run
    By: Daryl Stout to Digital Man on Thu Jan 13 2022 08:48 am

    Mon Jan 10 12:34:23 2022 master/a3cb54710
    term Node 1 <Daryl Stout> !VDD WriteFile(0xf60, 1) FAILURE (Error=38)

    This is likely the same harmless log entry reported by DesotoFireflite and recently addressed:
    http://git.synchro.net/gitpushlog.ssjs#9445866c80a38b5ee6c170ea8d68227c8497de03 --
    digital man (rob)

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