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    From scarletamour@VERT/DIGDIST to I haven't researched on Thu Mar 24 04:44:28 2022
    I haven't researched it very much, beyond the original links that I posted to the content of the previous incarnation. I'd be very much interested in hearing anything you might've heard, or having pointers to any particular resources that you might have come across. https://www.scarletamour.com
    In my opinion, intelligence agencies are a potential source, but it doesn't seem to add up very well. Nor does one lone savant putting all of that stuff together for shits 'n giggles. How many people with an IQ of the level required to do that kind of mathematical leading (not to mention coding) are going to sit and do that _just to jerk someone around_? It doesn't jive with the notion of that amount of intelligence, at least not in any of the exceedingly intelligent people that I have personally known and met. Not to mention, it's just too much effort. This isn't some kid from 4chan, methinks.

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