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    Re: How far I've come...
    By: poindexter FORTRAN to All on Sun Jan 22 2023 09:38:00

    Fans were held in place by 4 nylon screws per fan. Removed the fans,
    did a deep de-dusting of the fans, heat sinks and inside the chassis,
    then carefully removed the labels from the fans and put 2 drops
    of oil into each fan's axle.

    Everything went back together, the fans are quieter, the fan that would
    stop working momentarily is working normally, and I didn't break
    anything or have screws left over!

    Nice job! I remember being in a similar situation with a "homebrew" amd64 server that i inherited. These had metal screws. Servicing the fans helped for a while but i eventually had to replace them. I've broken newer and
    smaller hardware that has more plastic parts, so i understand the feeling of relief when it still works after reassembly.
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