• Church Sound Board Picking up Radio

    From The Millionaire@VERT/TRMB to Hatton on Fri Jul 9 07:19:00 2021
    Back around Thanksgiving I helped our church identify and install a new video streaming setup... and became the de-facto operator of the system. Part of this also apparently included taking over the sound system as well.

    It's actually quite a nice setup, the main board is a Mackie DL1608 that we can control either by computer and there are a number of wireless and wired microphones. It's with the latter that I've found a problem.

    While remoted into the system I discovered that 4 of the longest wire-runs are somehow picking up a local radio station. I am able to mute them as they aren't currently used but need to figure out a way to get them back in service. The runs are roughly 90 - 100 feet each and I don't know what kind of wiring was used for them.

    Does anyone have any suggestions or ideas on filtering out the signal?


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    I remember using my sister's record player in the basement of our house in
    the olden days and got radio playing through it. Radio frequencies always interfering with something else.

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