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    Perhaps the dragon has arisen once again.


    "The case was brought forward in July by Kenneth Clark, a lawyer at the Toronto-based law firm Aird Berlis, on behalf of Nevada-based company Hitman Two Productions Inc..

    "There's a lot of online piracy that people think have no consequences," Clark told CBC News. "Our mandate is to show people that illegal conduct has legal consequences."

    "Clark said people receive two warnings through their ISPs that illegal activity is happening on their accounts before any legal action occurs. When it does, a process has been negotiated to start a formal court proceeding.


    "They try to assure people they are not otherwise in trouble by the court action and says they should resist if asked to pay a large sum of money.

    "We want them to be aware of the potential of civil liability but not to feel scared or intimidated by this," he said.

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