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    Hello Atroxi!

    The cute icons and app animations (via swiping, gestures, etc)
    and audio alerts, are cute - hence fun? hence addictive?

    Pretty much. I know it sounds stupid but phones have some level of irresistability that makes it easy to fall to its slippery slope
    of dependence. I've been trying to limit the uses of a phone for me
    because I can't just remove it from my life.

    Oh wow. That's interesting. I'm not sure whether people had
    that kind of thing in my country. Maybe I'm not just aware
    of it, but nonetheless it's certainly interesting.

    What country is that?

    Philippines. I've looked around here for Amateur Radio stuff and
    there seems to be an NGO of sorts that does the licensing but
    information on that is really scant.

    Though honestly, I think that most of those stuff are on Facebook.
    Most of the people in my country consider Facebook as their ``internet''
    and as such almost everything, from commerce to government services,
    are on it. I've mostly cut myself off from that virus so finding
    information about local stuff is quite hard for me.

    Ofcourse. Why not? I draw circles for the items I need. Then,
    as I select the items at the store, I fill in the circles. The
    X means I changed my mind, or I didn't need the item afterall.

    ...but except for signing cheques and amassing other notes
    on pieces of paper, this is the extent of handwriting
    right now.

    Got it! Thanks again.

    To some extent, I'd have to agree with you. Most of the
    people that I know rarely keep notes and journals anymore.
    Though, I'd argue that this is perhaps one of the reasons
    why people tend to appre-ciate handwriting more nowadays.

    I've tinkered with leaving voice memos to myself directly on my
    phone device or my iPod, but I still sometimes leave the darn
    phone or iPod behind somewhere. However, I discovered that I
    could use something like Telegram on my phone, "send" a voice
    message to myself, and listen to it on another device that has
    Telegram too.

    Oh yeah, similar to that e-mail thing. Voice memos are interesting,
    if only I don't feel awkward hearing my voice back. Haha!

    ... {gemini,https}://rtr.kalayaan.xyz -- visit me! :-)

    What is this gemini? Are there any screenshots on what it looks

    I found this series of messages about gemini interesting:


    Gemini is a very simple thing to play around with. At the surface it
    just looks like gopher that's buffed up a bit. I mostly went into it
    because I find it easier to maintain my blog through gemini than
    HTTP since it's all just text.

    Because of that, I can just use my acme text editor to do all of the
    heavy lifting of generating the tags and links needed to cross-link
    a blog that I've written to the main ``blog-list''.

    So.. from your blog, you do various work with regards to Human
    Osteology and Forensic Anthropology. Interesting. Are you still
    studying, or are you already called upon to investigate cases?

    I'd say I'm something in between. I've finished my undergraduate
    studies a few years ago but I haven't had an opportunity yet to
    continue my ``academic degree'' and thus I can't consider myself
    as a bona fide Forensic Anthropologist. Right now, I'm working
    at a laboratory that allows me to do Human Osteology from time
    to time.

    But I would certainly like to finish that once I get a chance to
    do so.

    ... {gemini,https}://rtr.kalayaan.xyz -- visit me! :-)
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