• Yaesu Radios Donated to ARRL to Inspire Visitors and Young Hams

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    There are two new Yaesu[1] transceivers in use at ARRL[2] Headquarters in Newington, Connecticut. They arrived via a generous donation from Yaesu USA.

    The Yaesu FTDX101MP transceiver is a welcome addition to Studio 1 in W1AW, the Hiram Percy Maxim Memorial Station.

    The company has donated an FTDX101MP and FTDX10, both HF/50 MHz transceivers. In arranging the donation, Yaesu Vice President, Sales and Credit Gary Doshay, KN6APR, urged that the radios be used by ARRL "to educate and assist your visitors and especially young enthusiasts for ham radio."

    "We appreciate the value that having this equipment available for members and visitors to see and explore will provide," said ARRL Director of Operations Bob Naumann, W5OV. "These are two of the top three performing transceivers on the Sherwood list," he added.

    The FTDX101MP was named for Yaesu Founder Sako Hasegawa, JA1MP. The model holds a place of honor, in service in the first operating studio of the Hiram Percy Maxim Memorial Station, W1AW. ARRL members and visitors come year-round to tour the station and operate the equipment, most of which has been donated by generous manufacturers over the years. "The radio is already receiving a lot of attention from visitors," said W1AW Station Manager Joe Carcia, NJ1Q. "Some of our recent guests have included students and scouting groups who have enjoyed trying the new radio -- adding to the overall 'wow' factor of the station. We're grateful to Yaesu for this new addition to W1AW."

    ARRL Director of Operations Bob Naumann, W5OV, explores the features of the Yaesu FTDX10. The radio is the new addition to the ARRL Radio Lab, W1HQ.

    The FTDX10 has been installed in the new ARRL Radio Lab, W1HQ, where it will contribute to the station's ongoing role in the development of innovative amateur radio station design and function. "The Radio Lab is an extension of ARRL's equipment testing program, which supports ['Product Review' in] QST magazine," said Naumann. "Putting the latest in modern radio technology through its paces is the intent of the Lab. It represents what is possible if the modern ham were to go with cutting-edge technology and integration. The Yaesu FTDX10 fits perfectly in that environment."

    Naumann says the ARRL stations will benefit significantly from the donations of Yaesu's highly capable rigs. "It demonstrates the important partnership ARRL has with amateur radio manufacturers to educate and inspire our community."

    [1] https://www.yaesu.com/
    [2] http://www.arrl.org/

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