• My SOTA Journey

    From Andyzot@VERT/ABBBS to All on Thu Aug 11 21:21:37 2022
    Hi all,
    I've already posted on here a few posts with regards to my initial entrance into SOTA, 'Summits On The Air', just as a small part of my journeling of my SOTA journey, I thought I'd drop the odd post on here, you never know, it may strike a chord with others, or encourage someone else to pick up the SOTA gauntlet.
    Anyways, I'm very much hoping to activate 2 more summits this weekend, Mynydd Llangorse and Mynydd Troed, both in South Wales's incredible National Park, the Brecon Beacons.
    The plan will be to leave Cardiff early on Saturday morning, as early as possible, the heat is pretty incredible at the moment, so I'd like to get to the summits before the extremes of the midday sun, and they're over an hour from my home, with an hour to ascent.
    So, if you're interested in SOTA, and propagation conditions are conducive then I'll be transmitting on 40m, 20m and 2m.
    Keep your ears on and remember,
    SOTA, Onward and Upward.
    Andy the SysOp of Auntie Bodies BBS

    Synchronet Auntie Bodies BBS - auntibodiesbbs.themuldoons.co.uk