• ARRL RF Safety Committee Members To Be Honored By The Radio Society of Great Britain

    From ARRL de WD1CKS@VERT/WLARB to QST on Thu May 12 20:12:35 2022
    05/06/2022 Chairman of the ARRL RF Safety Committee (RFSC) Gregory D. Lapin, N9GL, Ph.D, P.E., will receive an award at the 2022 Dayton HamventionĘ from the Radio Society of Great Britain (RSGB). He will receive the Founders' Trophy, recognizing his outstanding service to the society. He will also be accepting awards for committee members Kai Siwiak, KE4PT; Ric Tell, K5UJU, and Matt Butcher, KC3WD.

    Along with members of the RSGB, the ARRL RFSC members formed an EMF Oversight Group, which has been meeting since August 2020 to help develop tools and procedures for complying with the new RF Exposure regulations for amateur radio operators in Great Britain. The new rules in the UK are similar to those already in effect in the United States. The new rules will be phased in over a 2-year period and are currently in effect for high band frequencies only.

    RSGB members of the EMF Oversight Group are John Rogers, M0JAV (RSGB Director); Peter Zollman, G4DSE, and Ian White, GM3SEK, who received their awards at the society's annual general meeting on April 23, 2022, during an online ceremony.

    To learn more about the Radio Society of Great Britain visit rsgb.org[1].

    [1] https://rsgb.org/

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