• Re: C4FM (System Fusion)

    From Otto Reverse@VERT/BEERS20 to Diamond Dave on Thu Mar 3 16:04:00 2022
    Just wondering if anybody on here has ventured into C4FM (Yaseu's System Fusion radio - a form of FSK digtial radio based upon P25).

    We have a Yaesu C4FM repeater in my area and I bought a FT-70 to use with it. It is as good as any (digital). It is cheaper as it lacks some Fusion bells and whistles. But it will do DV just fine.

    Over the past 5 years I've experimented with D-Star, Fusion and DMR. IMHO D-Star is the best user experience as it was designed for hams. But its DV audio quality is marginally worse than Fusion. Fusion (also designed for hams but by a corporation) isn't as great a user experience but its DV audio quality is marginally the best of the three. DMR has the the worst user experience as it wasn't not originally intended for hams. But it has cheap (Chinese) radios.

    If there was a D-Star repeater in my area I would have stuck with it. Yes one can use a hotspot, but that ties you to your house. So I went back to Fusion when the club in the town next door put up a Fusion repeater.