• Packet

    From Phigan@VERT/TACOPRON to All on Sun Dec 10 01:41:10 2023
    Boy I sure do love packet.

    But have you all noticed how little cool software there is for modern uses? Like, why isn't there a command-line APRS client that can send/receive messages and such? Maybe even for older computers?

    Why isn't there an ax25/kiss terminal for mobile devices (Android) ? APRSdroid is pretty sweet, by the way. Up until the other day I was using a super old version, but the latest allows for a lot more connectivity options, one of which is a regular serial TNC.

    The graphical clients are there at least.. Xastir, YAAC, PinPoint, and QTH (although it's a little crashy). A command-line one wouldn't necessarily have to map anything (although how cool would ascii maps be?), it could just list the heard stations and show them maybe by order of distance away from either a manually set poisition or one determined by GPS.. but it would definitely have to be able to send and receive messages, both directed and "broadcast". Wooo, #APRSThursday!!

    Anyway, I love packet.
    There's just something about computers and radio coming together. Especially old computers ;).

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