• A POTA Book for Park Activators and Hunters

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    ARRL˙ The National Association for Amateur Radio¨[1] has a new book to help radio amateurs enjoy one of the fastest growing communities within the hobby. Participants in Parks on the Air[2]¨ (POTA) have built one of the most vibrant on-air communities in contemporary ham radio. Park hunters comb the airwaves for activators operating from the lawns of sprawling public mansions, stoops at urban historic sites, forest glades, rocky mountaintops, seaside beaches, and just about any state or federal park in the country - and many entities abroad.

    ˙ The Parks on the Air Book[3] gives you a look at the setups and processes of 14 operators from a variety of skill levels and backgrounds and offers advice and motivation for taking your radio out to a park. Each chapter includes a detailed gear list so you can see exactly what your fellow operators are using, whether they're leaders of the pack like Kerri Wright, KB3WAV, and Clint Sprott, W9AV, or folks just getting started with Parks on the Air. Setups cover satellite operating, QRP, urban backpack portable, activating tailgate-style, wire antennas for POTA, and more. ˙ Whether you want to plan a multistate rove, toss a wire into a tree at a nearby park, or hunt activators from the comfort of your home station, The Parks on the Air Book provides insight and expertise in a beautiful, full-color format, brimming with photos that celebrate ham radio and the wonderful, shared resource of our state and national parks. ˙ The Parks on the Air Book is available from the ARRL Store: https://home.arrl.org/action/Store/Product-Details/productId/2013464221˙[4]

    The book retails for $22.95 and there is a special ARRL Member price of $19.95. Members must be logged into their ARRL account to receive the discount pricing. ˙ ˙

    [1] https://www.arrl.org
    [2] https://parksontheair.com/
    [3] https://home.arrl.org/action/Store/Product-Details/productId/2013464221
    [4] https://home.arrl.org/action/Store/Product-Details/productId/2013464221

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