• Field Day

    From Diamond Dave@VERT/DMINE to All on Sat May 27 06:54:13 2023
    Does anyone here actively participate for Field Day?

    The club that I belong to goes all out for Field Day. In fact we join forces with a nearby club and we work as a huge team for Field Day at a large county park where both clubs are active.

    A couple of years ago we have EIGHT stations running. I think this year we're close to that number.

    This is our largest event of the year (other than the Marine Corps Half Marathon). We get serious about Field Day, but we also have a great time as we have one of our club members serve full meals (this year we're smoking a pork butt!)

    At our club meeting on Tuesday, we disucssed how we can earn bonus points and set off to do just that as much as possible. I run the club's social media, so that part is easy.

    Anyways, just wondering who is active in Field Day and what does your club do?

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