• Virginia Beach Amateur Radio Club Receives Commendation

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    The Virginia General Assembly recently issued a resolution commending the Virginia Beach Amateur Radio Club, W4UG (VBARC).

    House Joint Resolution 681 was carried in the Virginia General Assembly by Virginia Beach Delegate Karen S. Greenhalgh. The resolution was co-patroned in the Virginia Senate by the 8th District Senator Bill DeSteph and the 14th District Senator John Cosgrove.

    The commendation honored the VBARC for their many community contributions, stating, "the VBARC, an American Radio Relay League Special Service Club, has greatly served the Virginia Beach community for many years by volunteering its time and equipment for emergency and public services, and by providing exceptional aid to both local amateur radio enthusiasts and the community at large through training classes, technical projects, and other activities."

    The complete resolution can be read here:


    Five members of the VBARC were invited to the House Gallery of the Virginia General Assembly by Delegate Greenhalgh, where the resolution was read on the House Floor before the Virginia House of Delegates.

    Delegate Greenhalgh presented the framed resolution to the VBARC at their April 2023 meeting. It was accepted by VBARC Club President Doug Duggan, N4IRK.

    [1] http://leg1.state.va.us/cgi-bin/legp504.exe?231+ful+HJ681ER

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