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    From Dumas Walker@VERT/CAPCITY2 to PHIGAN on Tue Jul 18 17:05:00 2023
    As it stands, society is structured around the idea that you *WILL*
    old working machinery, and if you don't, you *WILL* be villanized.

    Do you REALLY get villainized or do you just feel that way? I have and use a lot of old things.. I think at the most I get awkward smiles when people
    to themselves that I'm using those old things, but I don't feel "villainized" per se.

    Maybe I just don't care much what other people think.

    I think it depends on what old things you are using. I think Arelor meant specifically gas-powered old things. Based on various government
    initiatives here over the years, I would have to say he is right. Some
    will certainly villianize you over holding onto your classic car, for

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