From Dumas Walker@VERT/CAPCITY2 to POINDEXTER FORTRAN on Tue Apr 2 08:46:00 2024
    Not without campaign finance reform, limits on stock purchases and sales while
    n office and strict term limits on the Senate

    So far so good.

    and Supreme court. Expand the court while you're at it.

    But no. What is happening now is an anomoly, or should be. The point of
    the court not being on term limits, especially strict ones, is that they
    should not be beholden to the current administration. They should be a
    "check and balance" against the current administration, and are meant to be
    a more stable institution than one which can be voted out of office or appointed every 2-4 years.

    People who want term limits for the court are usually not thinking things through, like what might happen if their terms all happened to come to an
    end while Trump is President? If that thought doesn't send a chill down
    your spine, you might be a MAGA and just not know it.

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