• I have Two Dreams Poll-Time-Listings and all FTN Nets linked

    From Visitor-0@VERT/ALCABBS to All on Mon Nov 7 08:04:04 2022

    iam German, my English is not good.

    I have Two Ideas.
    The Sysops give a Info what Time he polled for new Mails. In 1990 Year do Sysop this not too. I have polled for Fidonet and upload new Mails. A Sysops Info is better . a exemple what i mean:
    Dovenet All Days 15:00 21:00
    FSXnet All Days 12:00 18:00 21:00
    The User have then Info for new Mails in the Boxes when he calling this.

    One Area can with all FTN Nets linked. Exemple Name a-Round-the-World :-)))) No :-) All-FTN-Nets.
    When i seach a Node oder Hub, then can ask there. When search a Theme from Net, then can ask there. usw. I search for example a net in German Writing only. Not all GER in Fidonet. Another Net. Fido is One for all.
    A Area for all Nets. Nothing with Fido, because Real Name. Bat for anather FTN Nets.
    I have see the FSXnet ist good for Technik Problems. And Dovenet for SyncrBBS Problems? Wow can i read the Net-Themes? In Internet no. It is not Easy to coming in the Net for me. I have ca /20/ Accounts in BBSs with Username Visitor-0 and I have one eMail writing in User-New-???? Letter??

    I very lucky, when i find net in German.


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