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    From Dumas Walker@VERT/CAPCITY2 to MOONDOG on Sun Oct 9 09:56:00 2022
    In the early 80's the CNN cable network got it's fame for reporting "news as it happens." Unfortunately this reporting being done is all
    hypothesis, conjecture, and poorly researched and possibly false story telling.

    Some of the local (Louisville) TV stations got into the "keeping up with
    the Jonses" game and performed similar reporting for a few years. I think
    they got the message that their local viewers didn't like that and have
    gone back to less sensationalism and not reporting things that turn out to
    be the opposite later.

    During the period of the Beltway Shootings, there were no witnesses or evidenc
    e left, but they were already rpofiled as white extremists drving around in a work van. It turned out to be a black man and younger black male (step son?) thta fired shots through the keyhole in back of a trunk lid of a car.

    I remember that. There have been several instances recently where a
    shooting or other violence happens, white extremists are theorized to
    blame, and then the story suddenly drops from the news cycle when it is
    found they were not. The muslim man who was killing other muslims in the
    SW US earlier this year is one example. A couple of instances of workplace violence earlier in the year were also originally blamed on white
    extremists but turned out otherwise and quickly fell out of the news.

    Atlanta Olympic Bombing was blamed on the security guard who found the bomb an
    d hovered over the bomb to protect others from shrapnel. When it became known he had been rejected for a police job, they all assumed he cooked up the bombing in order to become the hero of the day. look how the news tried to destroy Kyle Rittenhouse?

    The FBI helped destroy the security guard in Atlanta, which made things
    even worse as the news had a supposedly (but not really) reliable source
    for their misinformation.

    Some of the things that came out during the Rittenhouse trial sure were interesting, and it is certainly another good example.

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  • From Dumas Walker@VERT/CAPCITY2 to BORAXMAN on Sun Oct 9 10:02:00 2022
    I'm shocked, well, I shouldn't be shocked, but I still am, as to how many articles are quite literally just based on a few tweets or a TikTok. news.com.au is bad for this. They will find a TikTok video by a woman (its always a woman, usually white and young), and make a story about it. She migh
    be surprised by something in Australia, or say something controversial like Marmite is better than Vegemite and it gets spun into an entire STORY about ho
    "the internet is divided". The other trick is to say there is a controversy about something, and the controversy consists of 10 tweets. Fake news. Literally fake news.

    There is a lot of "controversy" that consists of "mean tweets" or other
    social media verbal vomit that gets spun into news here, too. Some dead
    horses that started as actual news but have been beat to death also fill
    the slower news days.

    The "racist rants" one are again fake news. The thing is, that journalists sa
    they need to gatekeep the news, determine what is actually news and what isn't
    But if this is what passes as "news", I don't trust their gatekeeping at all.

    Agreed. They report them as news to stir up division, which is good for ratings.

    There really isn't any news. It's clickbait, and as you said, just opinion pieces. "Articles" which is just some journalists wanting to make a moral point. One major story going round Melbourne, is Andrew Thornton. He was the
    CEO of a football club, and was basically made to resign after controversy. The story is still going after one week. The controversy? He attended a church 10 years ago, where a pastor today takes a more, biblical, stance on abortion and homosexuality. Thats the story!

    That is not even a reason to resign, much less for a controversy or a spot
    in the news cycle.

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