• Retro Gaming Half-Life

    From Moon Raker@VERT/TIME to All on Thu Sep 9 03:17:23 2021
    Half-Life is Free to Download from Steam!

    Please Connect to my Retro Gaming Server.
    Say you seen it here... Check back Often if Server is Empty.
    Bring Your Friends -


    Server has been in Operation since WON migrated to the Steam Platform!
    Server has been running or Modded almost 23 years ago.
    It used to rn a LH3 Netserver running Gentoo Linux.
    Server has custom Maps, Very Old Mods that are no longer on the Web.
    BubbleMod, Spawn Protection, HookMod, Bind X +hook, 1 Gig Internet Download, 90Meg Upstream.
    Rapid Map Deployment -- Server Sends Content through Apache Web Server.
    There is no other server like it in the World. It is running on a DL380 Proliant Gen 3.
    Server Used to be in a Production Plant environment in town, I Aquired it when they closed.
    Custom Sound, Models, Maps with Music and Say Sounds Funny...
    I combined some HL Metamods and Adminmod with some Counter Strike Mods.

    Server Receives it's time from an Atomic Clock Satellite Receiver not From a NTP Network.

    Server run's on old 10,000 RPM SCSI Mechanical Drives with very Loud Fans on my End.. lol.

    Please no Cheater's All though Server is NOT VAC Secured.
    Please have some Respect to other users No Cheating.
    Cheaters Will be SteamID banned permanently...

    Shooting People in the Corners that are typing will get you kicked. (Strike 3 Rule)
    Spawn Killers will get you kicked (Strike 3 Rule) you have 10 seconds Spawn Protection Unless you shoot first.
    Logging in with Diffrent Nick several times and the server will change you to your Orginal Nick.
    Players named Player will be given a name by the server but are not ranked but deleted from rank ladder.
    Logging in with [PGG] Clan Tag and not authorized will get you kicked.
    Trying to use a registered player skin or model will get you kicked.
    Server Log's all chat messages.
    Server Kick's Last 30 Minutes - 3rd time is Permanently.

    We have a Mumble Chat Server - MSG us if intrested in the connection info for live voice chat.
    We have a local clan [PGG]

    Server Stats Ladder and Status are at Game Tracker.

    Thanks for Playing!

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